Frequently Asked Questions - Kee Fee Too

Q. Do I have to share my pictures online?

A. The choice is always yours. Some shoot because they are looking to further a career in modeling and others just want to freeze their body in time to keep for themselves or share with a lover. I share nothing without your written consent. You will be given online access to your images but each model gallery is password protected and encrypted. Projects of work in trade (TF, TFCD, TFP) will require a model release allowing use of the finished works for both of us.

Q. What does it cost?

A. As a hobbyist I tend to work in trade (aka TF, TFCD, TFP) but will charge if the project does not hold a great deal of interest or I already have too many examples of the work you are requesting. Most projects I have done have fallen under this type of agreement but I have paid for talent and I have charged for shoots.

Q. Am I expected to know how to pose?

A. Absolutely not! While experience is nothing to sniff at, sometimes the best shots come from someone who “doesn’t know the rules”. Many of the models I have worked with have zero experience in a studio. I will offer suggestions for posing and strive to make you comfortable every step of the way.

Q. Do I have to be totally naked?

A. The short answer is no but I this is erotic photography. There are many times when I choose clothing to draw the eye to the point of focus but it is meant to add to the picture. If the clothing is getting in the way I will ask you to move or remove it… and then I may ask you to put it back on. Boudoir can be fun but I find it too tame to keep my attention. I won’t rule out boudoir or implied but unless we click on an artistic plane you may find this to be a hard sell to get me to shoot this in trade. I know where my interests lie and so should you if you want for us to shoot together.

Q. May I bring someone with me?

A. Yes. This is an expected part of the process and I too will always have an assistant with me (most often my lovely wife). An Escort is encouraged - Babysitters are encouraged to stay at home. You will find that the experience is very casual and is meant to be fun. The person you bring should have this same attitude. I am very flexible and open to different ideas but I have very little patience for overprotective lovers and backseat directors. If you bring someone with you please ensure they understand that this day is all about YOU, your ideas, and your creative process. Once work begins an escort should be seen and not heard.

Q. Do you retouch my photos?

A. I perform basic retouching (adjust light, color, shadows, etc.) on everything that makes the final cut. If you have a scar or blemish you want removed, I will do my best to make it disappear. Conversely if you have something you want left in I will be happy to leave it. I sometimes will get “artsy” and play with filters, lighting mods, and meme themes but do not have the interest or the ability to perform body modifications such as slimming, accentuation or special effects.

Q. Where do you shoot?

A. I have a small studio located in the outskirts of Mt. Zion, IL. I also have a portable kit that can be brought to a location of your choosing. I request the ability to scout an area (preferably with you) prior to a shoot so I can get a feel for the setting and amenities.

Q. How long will a session take?

A. Plan a window of 3 hours (give or take). I can give you a better estimate during our planning.

Q. What are you looking for?

A. My interests vary but my most passionate interest can be summed in one word, CONTRAST! I get most excited about taking things that do not seem to belong together and making them fit together in a way that makes sense. Other themes that interest me include shabari, light fetish, body art, body modification, body painting, modern pin-up, and cosplay. I am not interested in horror, gore, violence, monster, water sports, or hardcore porn themes but may be willing to consider work in trade. I am not willing to do any work that is offensive just for the sake of being offensive.

Q. When/How will I get my pictures?

A. I am not the quickest out there. This is a part time gig for me and I like to take my time to get as close to perfection as possible. I usually have an initial burst 1-2 days following a session (work dependent) where I work on a few of my favorite images. After that it slows down to 1 or 2 each day. Average turnaround for a full session of 3-4 themes is around 3 weeks to a month.

Your pictures will be uploaded to a securely encrypted, password protected gallery on my site. I will provide a link and assign a password. You are free to share this gallery with anyone of your choosing and can request your password changed at any time. Prints/merchandise are also available for sale through the website and CDs are available by request. I have also done a few photo books and head shot packages.

Q. Can we meet / May I see the studio before I shoot?

A. Absolutely! For the sake of our project I would encourage some initial face time to get a feel for each other and do a little brainstorming. This could happen either online, out and about, or at the studio. Bring your lover or a friend for encouragement, as long as they’re not a babysitter (see “May I bring someone with me?”)

Q. Do you provide outfits?

A. No. I do have several props and accessories but the only way to get a truly sexy image is for you to wear something that fits you perfectly.

Q. Do you shoot men / couples / groups?

A. Yes. YES. And Yes Please! Of course adding people will add more time needed for our project.

Q. Do you provide hair/makeup/body painting?

A. At the moment I have an assistant (my lovely wife) who is a hobbyist makeup artist. I do not currently have any current contacts in the other 2 fields. If you are a hair, makeup or body paint artist who is looking to provide services please use my contact form to let me know.

Q. Do you have any rules/limits?

A. You would think this wouldn’t have to be covered but Yes. The short list is:

This is not a hook up. I am faithful to my wife.
Safety is a priority
Nothing illegal including recreational drug use at the studio
I have a hand’s off policy
The word “No” is always honored at any time
Minimum age (including escort) is 18 years on the date of the shoot

Have a question that wasn’t covered? Use the contact form to drop me a line.